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Rebecca COPELAND, PhD, Research Fellow

Rebecca Copeland is a research fellow at Telecom-SudParis, Institut Mines Telecom (France), working remotely from the UK. Her latest research is focused on new web-based calling, identity and trust management, collaborative service management (in Big Data and in smart energy), IoT analysis and intelligence, as well as applying social network technologies to service analysis and wireless sensor networks.

Rebecca has had a long career in IT engineering before moving to Telecom, when she joined Marconi UK and served for twelve years in various roles. She later founded an independent consultancy company (Core Viewpoint), and delivered strategic and technical expertise to Huawei (for six years), as well as BT CTO, Amdocs, BMW, LogicaCMG and ETSI (Sophia, France) and more. She also served as the technical editor of Connect-World ICT magazine and published blogs and technology analysis reports.

Rebecca has been a writer on leading edge technology for two decades. She has authored a successful book about IMS convergence and published several technical papers on evolving technologies. She is an accomplished speaker and has organized and chaired several workshops (ICIN, COMSAC, ETSI, BBWF). She has published a new paper in every ICIN conference but one since 2001. She is an active member of the Technical Program Committee of ICCCN, ICIN and Mobilware conferences.

Contact Details
Rebecca Copeland
26 Bullimore Grove, Kenilworth, CV8 2QF, UK
+44 1926 777280 /+44 7879 490494


Hold several degrees and diplomas in different disciplines, as follows:

  • PhD: Computing and Telecom, from UPMC (Sorbonne) and Telecom Sud-Paris, 2014
  • LLB (Honours): English Law degree from London University, 1999
  • Diploma: Computer Programming and Business Analysis , Salford University, Manchester 1978
  • Architecture degree, Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel.

Research Interests

  • User composite identity in Human to Human communication, in Mobile and Internet
  • Independent identity providers roles and techniques, and identity verification and security
  • IoT analysis and social IoT techniques for sensor networks and metering
  • Data privacy, policy and enforcement rules, with automatic enforcement of laws and regulation
  • Measuring data quality and sources credibility by source behaviour and impact
  • Vehicular intelligence and mobile edge computing
  • Browser based (WebRTC) calling, opportunistic web calling and peer-to-peer communications
  • Service collaborative platforms for Big Data
  • Business models for sharing data in multi-tenanted platforms
  • Decision making algorithms and aggregation methods in risk evaluation and data quality optimization
  • Context based communication policy and enterprise policy negotiation
  • Modelling risks for real-time context for enterprise communication associated

List of Publications

  • Rebecca Copeland, Michel Copeland ” A Question of Quality – VoIP, WebRTC or VoLTE” ICIN2016, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi Ibrahim Tariq Javed, Noel Crespi, Felix Beierle, Sebastian Göndör, Axel Küpper, Ahmed Bouabdallah, Marc Emmelmann, Ancuta Corici, Kevin Corre, Jean-Michel Crom, Frank Oberle, Ingo Friese “Global Identity and Reachability Framework for Interoperable P2P Communication Services”, ICIN 2015, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Rating Credibility of Sources for Profiling Risk and Business Context of Service Requests” , SCC 2014, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Classifying and Aggregating Context Attributes for Business Service Requests – No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’“ SCC 2014, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Identifying Risk Profiles and Mitigating Actions for Business Communication Services” CNSM, IFIP/ IEEE/ACM 2014
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Automotive Context-Aware Policy System For Car Connectivity Requests”  ICIN 2014, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Wallet-on-Wheels – Using Vehicle’s Identity for Secure Mobile Money” ICIN 2013, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Controlling enterprise context-based session policy and mapping it to mobile broadband policy rules” PACE 2012, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Analyzing consumerization – should enterprise Business Context determine session policy decisions?” ICIN2012, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Establishing enterprise Business Context (eBCR) for service policy decision in mobile broadband networks” ICCCN 2012, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Implementing an enterprise Business Context model for defining Mobile Broadband Policy” CNSM  IFIP/ IEEE/ACM 2012
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Selecting Access Network for BYOD enterprises with Business Context (eBCR) and enterprise-centric ANDSF” Mobilware Springer2012
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Modelling Multi-MNO Business for MVNOs in their Evolution to LTE, VoLTE & Advanced Policy” BMMP 2011, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Resolving Ten MVNO Issues with EPS Architecture, VoLTE and Advanced Policy Server” ICIN 2011, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Noel Crespi “Policies to Enable Serving Untrusted Services on Alternative (non-3GPP) and Untrusted Access Networks in EPS” COMSAC 2011, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland “Telco App Stores – Friend or Foe?” Intelligence in Next Generation Networks ” ICIN 2010, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland “IDEAS: Identity Driven Emerging Applications & Services” ICIN2010, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland “Network Intelligence – Facilitate Operators Win in Mobile Broadband Era” ICIN 2009, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland “SOA Case Study – the BT IMS OSIP” BT Technology Journal 2009
  • Rebecca Copeland “Integrated user profiles and service profiles” Journal of Telecom Management2009
  • Rebecca Copeland “Air Travel and Telecom Industries Synergy” ICIN 2009, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland, Michel Crowther “The OSIP (Open System Innovation Platform) Experience” ICIN 2008, IEEE
  • Rebecca Copeland “MASS NGN – The New Public Network” ICIN 2004, IEEE

Published Book (sole author): Rebecca Copeland “Converging NGN Wireline and Mobile 3G Networks with IMS” ISBN 978-0-8493-9250-Taylor & Francis 2009

Significant Industry Published Articles

  • Rebecca Copeland ” The New Genome – Good Enough Network of Moving Endpoints” 2015 Connect-World
  • Rebecca Copeland “SDN – The Dream and the Reality” 2014 Connect-World
  • Rebecca Copeland “Internet of Ipv6 Things” 2013 Connect-World
  • Rebecca Copeland “Out with the old – A fresh look at Real-time Billing” 2012 Connect-World
  • Rebecca Copeland “Bring-Your-Own-Device to work and change the world” Connect-World 2012
  • Rebecca Copeland “The Webification of Telecom Needs Cyber-Metering” Connect-World 2011
  • Rebecca Copeland “Trends in the Core for Mobile Broadband” MBB Event, Vienna 2011
  • Rebecca Copeland “Cable-based Voice over Broadband (VoBB) IMS Solution” Huawei Magazine 2009
  • Rebecca Copeland “IMS and Integrated SDP (Service Delivery Platform) Solutions” Huawei paper 2009
  • Rebecca Copeland “Fixed-Mobile Convergence for Voice and Data – where is the benefit for the user?” Funkschau 2008
  • Rebecca Copeland “IMS or VoIP – Who will win?“ Moriana 2006
  • Rebecca Copeland “Getting the Message – anytime, anywhere, anyway” The Matrix 2005, Marconi
  • Rebecca Copeland “Tradeoffs – SIP and Presence” , 2002 VON Magazine
  • Rebecca Copeland “SIP Religious Wars”, 2004 VON Magazine
  • Rebecca Copeland “The Marriage of SMS and Instant Messaging”, 2004 VON Magazine
  • Rebecca Copeland “The World of IP Centrex” 2005 VON Magazine.

Sponsored Research

  • “Technology and Market Evaluation of Automotive Manufacturer Becoming MVNO” BMW 2013
  • “Review of Next Generation Services – RCS, VoLTE and Beyond” 2012 ETSI Slovenia
  • “Implementing LTE and RCS with IMS” ETSI Nice 2010
  • “‘Avoid-Bill-Shock’ (ABS) Service – with the Policy and Charging Control Server” Huawei White paper 2009
  • “Cable-based IMS Solution in Europe” Huawei White paper 2009
  • “IMS and SDP (Service Delivery Platform) Solutions” Huawei White paper 2009
  • “IMS solutions in the Enterprise market, for SoHo, SME and global organizations” BT Group TCO 2006
  • “VASA Vendor Association SIP Analysis report” VASA 2005.

Significant Industry Conference Papers

  • “The Many Faces of IMS” 2011       IMS World Forum
  • “Developing Business Models that Will Allow Operators to Fully Exploit IMS” IMS conference 2010
  • “Getting the Most out of QoS Enabled Networks BBWF 2010
  • “Assessing the Potential Role of IMS over LTE IMS Global Congress 2009
  • “QoS and Policy enhancements with IMS” BBWF Europe 2009
  • “Strategic View of LTE/IMS Enhancements” Thought leaders Workshop, New Jersey Amdocs/ Verizon 2009
  • “Providing Applications and Services that Work Across Multiple Access Points and Devices” Converged Services 2008
  • “Leveraging IMS to Enrich the End-to-End User Experience” Global IMS 2008
  • “Highlighting the Importance of the Device in Delivering Rich Multimedia IMS Services” IMS 2.0 RCS 2008
  • “The role of IMS in Fixed Mobile Convergence(FMC)” FMCA 2008
  • “Beyond FMC – Network Convergence versus Service Convergence” FMC Summit 2008.

Patent: SMS messaging on Digital TV based via Fixed Line Intelligent Networks (IN) in PSTN, Marconi 2005.