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SALTED (Horizon Europe) 2021-2023

SALTED aims to add value to existing datasets and data-streams by enriching them through the application of the principles of linked-data, semantics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the Action, heterogeneous data sources such as Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, Open Data Portals, Websites and/or Social Media will be integrated and linked so that enriched meta-data is generated around these data sources and data contextualization is leveraged. Moreover, AI techniques will be applied on top of linked-data in order to create, so called, situation awareness.

The final result is the re-use and harmonization of existing data sources for the creation of contextualized digital representations (digital twins) of real-world situations (i.e., events, places, objects, etc.), not only enabling an enriched understanding of the situation in real-time, but also the prediction of anomalies and/or optimization actions.

The data enrichment outcomes will be provided as real-time open public data using FIWARE Generic Enabler Scorpio context-broker, which will be available as a service (i.e. Linked-Data as a Service – LDaaS), thus guaranteeing full compatibility with the NGSI-LD API. Furthermore, the enriched data will be published in the European Data Portal, for which a Linked-Data connector will be developed.

The enriched data will foster the development of innovative services in various domains, such as smart cities and smart agriculture. In particular, SALTED will follow the principles of re-usable atomic services, aiming to create opportunities for diverse stakeholders to participate to a global smart cities/agriculture market. Moreover, a set of business services for the example domains will demonstrate the value of this approach. As a result, SALTED will contribute to the stimulation of data usage and the acceleration of the data economy in Europ