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SALTED (HE – 2021-23)

Proliferation of data sources associated to Internet of Things (IoT) deployment as well as those bound to Open Data Portals (e.g. European Data Portal, Municipalities Open Data Portals, etc.) is creating an abundance of information that is called to bring benefits for both the private and public sectors, through the development of added-value services, increasing administrations’ transparency and availability or fostering efficiency of public services. However, pieces of information without a context are significantly less valuable.

In this proposal we aim to add value to existing datasets and data-streams by enriching them through the application of the principles of linked-data, semantics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the project, heterogeneous data sources such as IoT deployments, Open Data Portals, Websites and/or Social Media will be integrated and linked so that enriched meta-data is generated around these data sources and data contextualization is leveraged. Moreover, AI techniques will be applied on top of linked-data in order to create, so called, situation awareness.

The final result is the re-use and harmonization of existing data sources for the creation of contextualized digital representations (digital twins) of real-world situations (i.e. events, places, objects, etc.), not only for having an enriched understanding of the situation in real-time, but also for predicting anomalies and/or proposing optimization actions.