Collaborative paper wins Best Presentation Award at ICIN 2012

The ICIN conference that took place on October 8-11 in Berlin, Germany has selected A. Manzalini (Telecom Italia), N. Crespi, Vânia Gonçalves (IBBT-SMIT) and R. Minerva (Telecom Italia)’s paper entitled “Towards Halos Networks: Ubiquitous Networking and Computing At the Edge” for its Best Presentation Award (congratulations to Antonio!).

The topic of the conference is Enabling the Internet of Everything.The playful pun on the “Internet of Things” has been intentional: In the four days of the conference we will have selected industry and academe presentations – with expected intense discussions – on a comprehensive and diversified range of subjects from the advantages of cloud computing for telecommunications providers, to service enablement, to policy and identity management, to M2M communications (aka the “Internet of Things”). As before, this year’s topics cover both technical and business issues.