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New book: “Networks and New Services: A Complete Story,” Springer International Publishing, 2017.

This book shines a beam of light towards software-centric networks and their emerging service environments. The authors examine the road ahead for connectivity, for both human and ‘things’, considering the rapid changes that have already shaken the industry. Whether we are witnessing technology consolidation or crucial transformation, one thing is clear – the future communication …

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Book, Hemes-Lavoisier Eds: “Architecture et Gouvernance des Services de Communication”

Les ruptures technologiques, de marché, d’usages, nous obligent à repenser nos façons de décrire les architectures de service de communication. Si la description des architectures de réseau est relativement claire, reposant sur les acquis de décennies de standardisation, la description des architectures de service est moins nettement définie.   Cet ouvrage propose un cadre général …

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Book, Wiley Eds: Architecture and Governance for Communication Services

This book provides a detailed overview on service architecture in the Telco, web, and IT words, proposing a general framework for better defining and describing communication service architectures. It formalizes these architectures by using a syntax and a semantics common to different services, while responding to recurring questions about service design. The latter include the …

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Collaborative paper wins Best Presentation Award at ICIN 2012

The ICIN conference that took place on October 8-11 in Berlin, Germany has selected A. Manzalini (Telecom Italia), N. Crespi, Vânia Gonçalves (IBBT-SMIT) and R. Minerva (Telecom Italia)’s paper entitled “Towards Halos Networks: Ubiquitous Networking and Computing At the Edge” for its Best Presentation Award (congratulations to Antonio!). The topic of the conference is Enabling …

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DiYSE project recevies the prestigious ITEA Silver Award 2012

The   DiYSE project was awarded the prestigious ITEA Silver Award 2012. Each year, the ITEA Achievement award highlights very successful projects with outstanding contributions to the ITEA programme. Major factors include innovation, exploitation and dissemination. As ITEA aims to make Europe’s industry more competitive, effective industrial exploitation of project results is crucial. The Internet of Things …

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SERVERY project receives the prestigious Celtic Gold Award 2012

The SERVERY project was awarded the prestigious Celtic plus excellence award2012 in gold at Stockholm. SERVERY’s main objective is related to the creation of a Service Marketplace, i.e. the possibility for end user to access to a great deal of innovative services created by professionals or by the user‘s community. The idea is to take …

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Prof W.S Rhee joins the lab for a 1 year sabbatival leave

Pr Woo Seop Rhee, Hanbat University, Seoul, Korea. joins the lab for a 1 year sabbatical leave from Feb 2012. Prof Woo Seop Rhee received B.S. degree in computer science from Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea, in 1983 and M.S., and Ph.D. degree in 1995 and 2003, respectively, in computer science from Chungnam National University, Daejeon, …

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Xiaodi Huang (CSU, Australia) joins the team for a sabbatical leave

Dr Xiaodi Huang, Assoc. Prof in the School of Business and Information Technology at Charles Sturt University, Australia, joins the Service Architecture Lab for a sabbatical leave. His focus will be in data mining for Online Social Networks and Web Services.

Best Paper Award at ICNS 2011

The International Conference on Networking and Services, that took place on May 22-27 in Venice, Italy, has selected S.H. Shah Newaz, R.U Akbar, Y. Lim, and J.Y Choi, G.M Lee, N. Crespi’s paper entitled “Efficient Mobile IP Location Update Mechanism for Idle Terminals in Optical Wireless Integrated Access Networks” for its Best Paper Awards. The …

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Standardisation for SUN (Smart Ubiquitous Networks) in ITU-T (May 2011)

Due to emerging trends in ICT concerning the extension of communication objects (including not only humans but also machines and objects) and ways of communication, the ITU-T Study Group 13 has proposed a name – SUN (Smart Ubiquitous Networks) – as a new vision that incorporates current activities and emerging trends. At the meeting in …

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ITU-T Internet of Things Global Standards Initiative event (May 2011)

During the last ITU-T Telecommunication Standardisation Advisory Group meeting held in February, it was agreed upon to establish an Internet of Things Global Standards Initiative (IoT-GSI) to promote a unified approach in ITU-T for the development of technical standards, or Recommendations, enabling the Internet of Things on a global scale. ITU-T Recommendations developed under the …

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Standardisation for Internet of Things in IETF (March 2011)

The IAB’s workshop on “Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet” was held in Prague on the 25th March 2011, which aimed to explore the experience and approaches taken by researchers and developers of Internet technology when considering the characteristics of constrained devices.  Our team’s position paper was accepted and key experts presented their views for …

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Collaborative paper wins Best Paper Award at ICSEA 2010

The International Conference on Software Engineering Advances 2010, that took place on August 22-27 in Nice, France, has selected Jacques Simonin, Emmanuel Bertin, Yves Le Traon, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, and Noël Crespi’s paper entitled “Business and Information System Alignment: A Formal Solution for Telecom Services” for one of its Best Paper Awards. The conference covers a …

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DiYSE project wins the ITEA2 Exhibition Award 2010

During the ITEA2-Artemis Co-summit, that took place on October 26-27 in Ghent, Belgium, visitors elected “Do-it-Yourself Smart Experiences” to win the Exhibition Award for the best and most understandable project showcased at the event. The two-day co-summit focused on scalability and growth in software-intensive systems and services. The event included the biggest exhibition of funded …

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