Book ‘Shaping Future 6G Networks’ is published (Wiley, IEEE Press)

E. Bertin, N. Crespi, T. Magedanz, ‘Shaping Future 6G Networks: Needs, Impacts, and Technologies‘, Wiley, IEEE Press.


Discover the societal and technology drivers contributing to build the next generation of wireless telecommunication networks

Shaping Future 6G Networks: Needs, Impacts, and Technologies is a holistic snapshot on the evolution of 5G technologies towards 6G. With contributions from international key players in industry and academia, the book presents the hype versus the realistic capabilities of 6G technologies, and delivers cutting-edge business and technological insights into the future wireless telecommunications landscape.

You’ll learn about:

  • Forthcoming demand for post 5G networks, including new requirements coming from small and large businesses, manufacturing, logistics, and automotive industry
  • Societal implications of 6G, including digital sustainability, strategies for increasing energy efficiency, as well as future open networking ecosystems
  • Impacts of integrating non-terrestrial networks to build the 6G architecture
  • Opportunities for emerging THz radio access technologies in future integrated communications, positioning, and sensing capabilities in 6G
  • Design of highly modular and distributed 6G core networks driven by the ongoing RAN-Core integration and the benefits of AI/ML-based control and management
  • Disruptive architectural considerations influenced by the Post-Shannon Theory

The insights in Shaping Future 6G Networks will greatly benefit IT engineers and managers focused on the future of networking, as well as undergraduate and graduate engineering students focusing on the design, implementation, and management of mobile networks and applications.