New book: The Digital Twin (Springer)

N. Crespi, A.T. Drobot, R. Minerva β€œThe Digital Twin,” Springer, Cham (2023)

The Digital Twin is crucial and timely for positively affecting how we work, live, and play. It eliminates the gap between experimentation and learning by bridging real and virtual worlds in a powerful methodology, making significant headway in conquering previously unsolvable problems and challenges. Digital Twins are made possible by four widely deployed infrastructures for connectivity, computing, digital storage, and sources of digital data. The Digital Twin provides insights, paths to innovation, efficient production of goods, improved delivery of services, better experiences and entertainment, and new business models. Investing in Digital Twins is one of the most valuable ways to create sustainable paths to the future.

The Digital Twin book is the most comprehensive work on the subject to date. It brings together top practitioners, technical experts, analysts, and academics to explore and discuss the concept of the Digital Twin, its history, evolution, and the profound impact across sectors of the global economy. The book addresses the business value, technological underpinnings, lessons learned from implementations, resources for success, practical approaches for implementation, and illustrative use cases. It makes the case for why we believe that Digital Twins will fundamentally transform major industries and enable us to fulfill important societal goals.

The book is recommended for key decision makers, senior executives, technical leaders, researchers, and students.