New book: The Digital Twin (Springer)

N. Crespi, A.T. Drobot, R. Minerva “The Digital Twin,” Springer (2023)

The Digital Twin book is about harnessing the power of technology, business practices, and the digital infrastructure to make revolutionary improvements important to human society. Ninety experts from around the world contributed to summarizing forty years of digital advancements and successes to define the Digital Twin’s potential for the decades ahead. The book explains how Digital Twins will play a key role in specific applications and across important sectors of the world economy. This makes the Digital Twin book a must-read for executives, policy makers, technical leaders, researchers, and students.

Digital Twins are about creating faster, less expensive, and error-free manufacturing, products, processes, and services. This includes engineering of systems for energy, communications, construction, transportation, and food processing. It also covers solutions for making human existence better and enjoyable through the life sciences, smart cities, and artistic creations. The Digital Twin’s functionality addresses the whole life cycle of products and services. Importantly, the book analyses the journey for businesses and public organizations to embrace Digital Twins as part of their toolkit.

The book consists of Thirty-eight Chapters that cover the Digital Twin concepts, supporting technologies, practices, and the specific implementation strategies for each production and service sector.